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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and support organisations to invest in employee wellbeing, helping individuals to utilise effective research-based tools and strategies that underpin mental wellbeing and foster enhanced mindsets.


Employees with high levels of psychological wellbeing show up every day with passion, purpose, presence and energy, therefore reducing absenteeism, presenteeism, and staff turnover.  

Empowering employees in the workplace with Enhancing Minds training


We seek to empower individuals to feel like the master of their wellbeing, to facilitate high performance in all areas of their lives, whilst taking ownership of their own wellbeing.


Respectful, honest, and open, we strive to connect with individuals by understanding what challenges they face, and by giving them simple, tangible tools to overcome those challenges.

Engaging employees in the workplace with Enhancing Minds training
Evolving the minds of employees in the workplace with Enhancing Minds training


We understand that how an individual feels about themselves, their work, and their relationships, has a huge impact on their wellbeing. Our focus is helping individuals to improve their mental wellbeing and reach their full potential.

Organisations that don't make time for wellness, are at risk of having to make time for illness

Employers are now starting to look more closely at the crucial role they play in supporting the wellbeing of their staff. Companies that invest in effective wellbeing interventions, not only demonstrate that they value their workforce, they invest in developing a resilient workforce, able to adapt to and embrace change, and able to better cope with life’s challenges.

Enhancing Minds - Wellbeing training for workplaces
Enhancing Minds - Wellbeing training for workplaces

We offer interactive and engaging training packages based on the latest clinical research and best practice from the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience. Evidence-based tools and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) strategies have been shown to improve employee resilience and productivity, in dynamic and ever evolving environments. These techniques enable individuals to identify and change ways of thinking to improve wellbeing. Fostering high levels of employee wellbeing enhances organisational performance whilst allowing individuals to flourish at work and at home. 

Find out how Enhancing Minds can help your staff thrive 

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