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Are you committed to improving the psychological health and wellbeing of your workforce, but don’t know how to achieve this? This is where Enhancing Minds can help!

​We offer a range of training packages, all aimed at improving mental wellbeing. The evidence based psychological strategies that we provide, will help your employees to enhance their minds, improve their psychological wellbeing and build resilience; giving them the tools they need to cope and thrive.

​Implementing these strategies can reduce stress levels, boost energy, increase motivation, and improve focus. This results in more effective working, increased productivity and performance, fewer days off sick, lower staff turnover and improved recruitment and retention.

Enhancing Minds - Stress Training

Understanding and managing stress

A huge proportion of illness and absence in the workplace is caused by stress and stress-related illnesses.


Whilst there’s no hiding from everyday stressors and the curveballs of life, this interactive training package explains, from a neuroscience perspective, the brain’s role in contributing to stress and how we can harness the brain to help, rather than hinder, when it comes to stress.

Enhancing Minds - Resilience Training

Building and boosting resilience

Everyone faces adversity at some point in their life. A big factor in how well we manage that adversity comes down to our level of resilience. Our resilience levels determine how well we manage everyday challenges. Most of us overestimate our own levels of resilience and we often don’t have the tools to manage these challenges effectively; so we start to experience poor health and wellbeing. This interactive training package covers the essentials to bolstering resilience and developing a more robust, enhanced, resilient mind.

Enhancing Minds - Sleep Training

Sleep well, be well, perform better

Sleep is essential for all cognitive functioning as well as positive mental and physical health and yet, most of us don’t get enough of it!

This interactive training package delivers specialist information around sleep and aims to help identify and challenge behaviours and habits that may be preventing good quality sleep.

Overall, getting enough quality sleep is crucial for maintaining physical health, supporting mental and emotional wellbeing, and optimising daily functioning. 

Enhancing Minds - Mindfulness Training

Attention on Mindfulness

Living in a fast-paced world, we often survive by functioning on ‘autopilot’. This default setting can mean we react to life out of habit rather than giving our full attention and consideration to things, which has a huge impact on our wellbeing. When we understand how to switch our default setting to a more mindful perspective, we unlock our potential for learning and are better able to navigate life’s challenges in a healthier, more constructive way. This interactive training package focuses on how to go from “mind full” to “mindful”

Enhancing Minds - Mental Health Training

Mental Health Awareness

1 in 4 of us experience some form of mental health issue each year, which means all of us are likely to know someone that is struggling. Yet, most of us lack the insight to spot the signs and realise when we and/or others are in need of support.

By equipping individuals with knowledge and strategies, we are helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, creating a positive and supportive work environment, where employees feel valued. This training package gives employees the tools to understand common mental health conditions and to take proactive steps to manage their own mental wellbeing.

Enhancing Minds - Mental Health for Managers Training

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

With 1 in 4 of us experiencing some form of mental health issue each year, managers are ideally positioned to improve and ensure the wellbeing and productivity of their workforce.

This training package aims to help managers understand the most common mental health conditions and to give them the tools and confidence to initiate effective conversations with their colleagues around mental health.


Normalising these conversations and knowing how to signpost individuals for further support, creates a culture of trust and support and promotes positive wellbeing in the workplace.

Enhancing Minds - Menopause Training

Let's Talk Menopause

Around 13 million women are either perimenopausal or menopausal, in the UK. This is equivalent to a third of the entire UK female population. With 90% women experiencing symptoms associated with menopause, this can have a detrimental impact on their mental wellbeing as well as their performance and output at work. Around 35% of women reported taking time off work due to unmanageable menopausal symptoms.

This training package will help to develop an understanding of menopause and its potential impact in the workplace. It provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of menopause, its symptoms and the treatment options available. By the end of this training, delegates will feel equipped and confident in applying best practice, when supporting women experiencing menopause.

Enhancing Minds - Menopause for Managers Training

Let's Talk Menopause for Managers

Good menopause care has a direct impact on workforce retention, productivity, presenteeism and absenteeism. Ensuring staff get the support they need is an important part of retaining experienced talent and skills. The right support reduces the impact of symptoms on an individual’s health and wellbeing, their effectiveness at work, their personal life and relationships.

Line managers play a vital role in supporting colleagues with menopausal symptoms and this training will help you to foster an open and inclusive culture, where colleagues feel they can talk openly about their experiences and receive, or be signposted to, the support they need. It will also help you to identify and consider appropriate adjustments, in order to reduce any barriers preventing colleagues performing to their full potential.

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