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Enhancing Minds to promote healthier workplaces

Wellbeing training for workplaces

Online and in person workplace wellbeing training

As a trusted training provider, we aim to provide evidence based, psychological strategies to help your employees reach their full potential.


Our practical solutions will enable employees to thrive, whilst managing competing demands in their busy lives. Thriving businesses are built upon healthy lives – we strive to help individuals and businesses to excel.

Our training packages translate the latest science into practical, easy-to-use tools and everyday actions that can be integrated into existing ways of working.


Enhancing Minds - Stress Training

Understanding and Managing Stress

5 star review
I cannot praise Julia highly enough in terms of the quality of the service she delivers. The training Julia delivers empowers both individuals and teams to make changes to their routines that ultimately will increase their wellbeing.

Lynne Coulter

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist


5 star review
Julia is extremely well organised with her planning, development and implementation of wellbeing training.  She is able to adapt her delivery style to meet the needs of the audience and uses a wide range of evidence-based tools and techniques within her sessions.

Laura Wardak

NHS Senior Manager

5 star review
Julia's training taught me how to change my mindset in order to look after myself, so I could look after my business. I cannot recommend the training highly enough.

William Ferguson

Founder - The Caring Physio


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