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Movember in the Workplace: Moustaches, Men's Health, and Mental Wellbeing

Movember for Mental Wellbeing

Tomorrow marks the beginning of November, where a transformation takes place worldwide. Men of all ages set aside both their razors and grooming habits to grow moustaches for a cause - Movember. Beyond the quirky moustache-growing challenge lies a powerful movement dedicated to raising awareness about men's health, with an increasing focus on mental wellbeing. In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of Movember's role in promoting mental health, emphasising how it fosters a healthy mind alongside the iconic 'Mo'.

Movember was initially founded in 2003 in Australia with a primary focus on raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer. Over the years, it has evolved significantly, broadening its scope to encompass mental health issues and suicide prevention among men. The Movember Foundation has recognised the urgent need to address not only physical health concerns but also the often neglected realm of mental wellbeing.

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Movember's iconic moustaches serve as conversation starters. When you see someone cultivating a 'Mo,' it naturally prompts inquiries, leading to vital discussions about men's mental health. Men often find it challenging to talk about their emotional struggles, which can lead to feelings of isolation and despair. Movember aims to break this silence by encouraging open, non-judgemental conversations.

One of the most significant contributions of Movember to mental wellbeing is the sense of community it creates. Men and women from all walks of life come together to support the cause. Whether you're growing a moustache or supporting someone who is, it creates a sense of togetherness that can alleviate the feelings of loneliness and help men understand that they're not alone in their mental health journey.

Movember in the workplace has become a global phenomenon, and it's easy to see why. Encouraging employees to grow moustaches or participate in related events can create a positive and productive atmosphere, all while contributing to a vital cause.

  • Fostering Awareness: Movember at work serves as a reminder of the importance of men's health. It encourages employees to engage in conversations about topics that might otherwise be overlooked, like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

  • Building Camaraderie: Movember can create a sense of unity among employees. Participating together in a fun and meaningful activity can strengthen workplace relationships and boost morale.

  • Promoting Health: Movember serves as a reminder for men to take charge of their health. The workplace becomes a platform for promoting regular check-ups, discussing mental health, and adopting healthier lifestyles.

What can your workplace do? Workplaces often organise various activities to support Movember:

  • Moustache Competitions: Employees compete for the best, most creative, or outrageous moustache. This friendly rivalry can be a source of entertainment and a conversation starter.

  • Fundraising Challenges: Teams or individuals can set fundraising targets, and employees contribute to the cause. The workplace can match donations, further incentivising participation.

  • Educational Workshops: Hosting workshops on men's health, mental wellbeing, or the importance of regular check-ups can provide valuable information to employees.

  • Mental Health Initiatives: Beyond moustache growing, workplaces can initiate mental health programs, such as mindfulness sessions, stress management workshops, and access to mental health resources.

The impact of Movember in the workplace can be long-lasting, affecting men's health in several ways:

  • Increased Awareness: More men become aware of the health issues they should monitor and address, thanks to the workplace's active participation in Movember.

  • Access to Resources: Employers often provide information and resources, making it easier for employees to access healthcare services and mental health support.

  • Reduced Stigma: By openly discussing men's health, the workplace helps reduce the stigma surrounding topics like mental health and seeking medical advice.

It is so important to recognise that your colleagues may be struggling and to start those conversations around wellbeing. Men often find it harder to open up and reach out for help, with only 36% of referrals to NHS talking therapies being for men and yet suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 50. Indeed, 75% of all UK suicides are men.

In the UK, 1 in 5 men die before the age of 65 years old and men are 67% more likely to die from the common cancers that affect both sexes. It is clear that being able to open up and get help can be a hurdle for many men.

Movember in the workplace is more than a fun excuse to grow moustaches. It's a movement that creates awareness, fosters camaraderie, and positively impacts men's health. By participating in Movember activities, employees and employers alike contribute to the betterment of men's physical and mental wellbeing. So, if your workplace is not already involved in Movember, consider suggesting it as a way to bring your team together while making a real difference in the lives of men everywhere.

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